Providing experiences for youth and children to help them grow, mature, and know God loves them.

Providing opportunities for people to connect and find a community of support.

Helping families find faith, hope, and connection.

The Family Summer Camp is a weekend camping experience for parents to connect with their children and other families away from the stress and violence of the city in a safe environment.

The Better Life Program is a community outreach to help parents set and achieve goals and objectives to improve their own lives and the lives of their families through an intentional one year program. 

$100 Provides Support for People in Need

Next Ministries provides for the physical needs of people ranging from food to school supplies to transportation and much more.

$50 Provides Support for Evangelism and Discipleship

Reaching people for Christ requires we innovatively utilize technology, social media, and creative efforts to introduce today's generation to the hope of the Gospel.

Choose Your Donation

Give a donation of your choice to support the work and ministry of Next Ministries to children, families, and indviduals.