Next Volunteers

Hospitals, social service agencies, community centers, and movements for justice were started by churches making a difference in the lives of people. Jesus said he came to serve and not be served (Matthew 20:28). James challenged his community to actively participate in their faith. (James 1:22). We call this — Ministry in Action. Become a Next Volunteer and participate in opportunities to serve others.

The Better Life Program

Improving the lives of parents and their children.

Service to the Community

Educating, caring for, and meeting the everyday needs of people in the community.

The Christmas Shoppe

Providing Christmas toys for underprivileged families.

Worship Services

Helping people Explore, Grow, and Share their faith.

Can’t Volunteer?

You Can Still Make a Difference

Consider making a monthly donation to Next Ministries.

Your gift supports our efforts in serving people in need.