The Ministry


Next Ministries is focused on 3 areas of growth as a part of the Body of Christ.



We believe it is the responsibility of the church to make disciples by equipping them to tangibly share their faith with others at home, at work, and in the world. This happens through prayer, the study of God’s Word, and through real and authentic relationships.



We believe, as a part of the Body of Christ, we have a responsibility to work with other churches and congregations to strengthen one another in order to accomplish the goal of the Great Commission. We realize that there are churches in need of support to fulfill the work God has called them to do. We are here to support them.



We believe that Body of Christ has a “Kingdom Initiative” that is bigger than one church. The Apostle Paul went on a journey to plant churches. This was how people unfamiliar with the true story of Christ came to know Jesus. Next Ministries is not about one church; it is about the one holy apostolic Church.