The Ministry

Next Ministries is a local church seeking to make a global impact. When people’s hearts and lives are transformed for the better by the hope found in Jesus Christ they become ambassadors of change and hope to their loved ones, their communities, and the world around them. We are focusing on three areas that will help us make an impact in our community and the larger world in which we live.



We believe it is the responsibility of the church to make followers of Jesus Christ by equipping them to tangibly share their faith with others at home, at work, and where they live. We accomplish this by providing simple steps that are achievable for people to live out their faith daily. This happens through worship, study, and the building of real and authentic relationships with people and organizations within our community. 



Christian churches with years of history are facing the challenges of fulfilling their vision because of the changes in modern day communication and the lifestyle of a new generation. We have a commitment to work with other churches and congregations to energize and strengthen them with tools and training to bring the hope of Christ to their communities.



New things reach new people. Every church and congregation you see started at some time at some place. New churches are not burdened by traditions they feel compelled to follow. New churches are free to meet people where they are without any judgment.  There are people due to their impressions of the Christian Church, or their bad experiences with a particular church, who will not join an established congregation. Our commitment to starting new churches is not to compete with established churches, but to reach new people for God’s church.