Explore, Grow, and Share

Welcome to a safe place where you can explore and ask questions about faith, you can grow deeper in your faith, and you can share hope with others through acts of service. Experience relevant messages from the Scriptures that impact your life today. Enjoy being a part of a community online and in-person where you are valued. Welcome to Next Ministries!

Technology and the Church

We are more connected now than in any other time in history. Technology has shaped how we communicate, listen, learn, and live. Because of social media, news events are learned of before they can be broadcast. Technology’s impact on the Church is undeniable. The message of hope and love can easily be shared all over the world from a computer or a cell phone. We are living in a new era that is shaping the future of the church into a more inviting place for people to explore and grow in their faith. Join us for Worship Online and learn more.

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