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Hospitals, social service agencies, community centers, and movements for justice were started by churches making a difference in the lives of people. Jesus said he came to serve and not be served (Matthew 20:28). James challenged his community to actively participate in their faith. (James 1:22). We call this — Ministry in Action. Become a Next Volunteer and participate in opportunities to serve others.

The Better Life Program

The Better Life Program is designed to help people improve their lives by taking them through six classes which help them map out a plan and take action to make positive change. The classes meet over a period of three months and provide guidance, direction, and support for attendees.

Serving the Community

Next Ministries believes in supporting the community through a commitment to partner with organizations and local schools to meet needs that arise and those that are ongoing.

Live Your Faith

Faith is meant to be shared with others. Leading a small group, helping to plan an event or gathering, spending time with people who need hope, and serving in worship are ways we live out our faith together. Your time and your gifts are of value to God. Share them today and become a Next Volunteer.

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