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Get Connected

Many people explore faith in isolation as they seek to grow on their spiritual journey. Faith was never meant to be lived in isolation. In Matthew chapter eighteen and verse twenty, Jesus shares that where two or more are gathered in his name he is present with them. There is a precedent set that faith is not to be experienced in isolation. Whether we are gathered together in person or through technology, God is present with us. At Next Ministries we want you to get connected. There is power and support when we come together. So, we have put together a variety of ways for you to get connected. Select one or more to help you connect with others and explore and grow in your faith.

Daily Text Prayer

Prayer helps us to focus, gives us a moment of pause in our day, and offers a way to connect with our faith daily. Join others who have found these prayers an inspiration, a guide, and affirmation of the presence of God with them daily. If you are in the United States, you can get these Daily Text Prayers by texting “40 Days” to (833) 644-0385 or scan the QR Code below.

30 Days of Prayer

Do you live outside of the United States? Or do your prefer to receive daily prayers in your inbox. Sign up to receive 30 Days of prayer sent directly to your email. Click the link below to start receiving your daily prayers tomorrow.

Next Ministries Growth Group

Are you looking for a community to share with and learn from? Join our Next Ministries Growth Group on Facebook. Share in live experiences, discussion groups, studies, and much more to inspire and encourage you in your faith daily. Click the link below to join the group.

Explore Faith

Exploring faith is a lifelong journey. Whether we are new to faith or have been engaged for years there is always something more to learn. Sign up to learn about opportunities to join groups and studies where you can learn and ask questions.

Pastoral Care

Life happens. Sometimes we have questions. Sometimes we need spiritual guidance. Sometimes we just need someone to listen. We make it easy to connect. Simply text us at (833) 644-0385.