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We can feel lost and alone when we become disconnected. Isolation becomes a natural part of our lives. Over time we are left to reflect on the person we once were. We long to reconnect with our joy, our passion, and our purpose. Returning to our core values brings us clarity and focus to reconnect with ourselves.

There is a loss in our lives when we become disconnected. Disconnection from friends and family can cause broken relationships that are painful. Identifying what has caused our disconnection is important for us to discover how to become reconnected. Like Joseph, being disconnected can lead us down unknown paths.

We often become disconnected because of the consequences of our actions. Our actions can break our relationships and lead us to places of isolation. When we lose our support system because we have disconnected from others we can move from being alone to loneliness. We have to learn how to reconnect in order to get back to ourselves.

We often lose ourselves in the expectations and the voices of other people. As time passes we realize that we have lost ourselves. We have lost our passion. We have lost our center. We have followed after the dreams and desires of others and become disconnected from who we are. It’s time to get reconnected.

When we have lost ourselves to the expectations, aspirations, and the roles others demand of us we have to take a journey to reclaim ourselves. We have to step away from the noise to remember who we were when we were filled with passion, joy, and purpose. We have to reconnect with ourselves. It is a journey that helps us to recenter our lives to move forward in a positive direction.

Reconnecting with ourselves helps us to reconnect with our purpose. But where do we go from here? How do we fulfill our purpose? What does the journey look like to becoming who I am meant to be? These questions need answers. The answers bring a clarity to help us focus and achieve our purpose.

The day-to-day experience of life draws us closer to our faith or finds us disconnecting from the core values we so deeply believe in. The reality is it is easy for us to lose our focus on what is most important to us when life happens. When we lose our way we often think about how hard it is to return back to the place where we started. Faith is not rooted in the mistakes we have made, but in the One who redeems us by His grace.