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We All Have Problems

We all have problems. Concealing our problems can send us on paths filled with anxiety and stress. Our problems can be unhealthy and life altering, leaving us hurting inside. Feeling judged, we wonder if there is release from our struggles. The answer is yes. This series of messages offers a path to navigate through life’s problems.

Have you ever pretended that everything was alright while your life was crumbling down around you? It looks like everyone else’s life is doing so much better. The hard truth is we all have problems no matter how good we look on the outside. So, how do we manage the problems of life without completely falling apart? We have to find peace.

Have you ever been abused? Experiencing abuse can change the trajectory of our lives. Abuse can be verbal, physical, and emotional and shake our faith. Where is God when evil things are happening to us? Does God hear us? Does God respond to us in our time of trouble?

Family secrets can cause anxiety and stress. The secrets we keep can become detrimental to our own wellbeing. Often the secrets we keep are to protect someone or ourselves from being exposed to ridicule or shame. We have to learn the difference between when keeping a secret is healthy and when it can be life altering.

We all have moments when we lie? We tell people we are alright when we are really hurting inside. Our lives are not always how we represent them publicly. We don’t mean to live a lie, but we work hard to prevent people from knowing the real us. We don’t want people to see our imperfections or the struggles we endure in our daily lives. Eventually the truth comes out and we must confront our own truths.

People will often judge others based upon what they see is happening in their life. Everyone has problems, including those who judge others. Rather than judging and pushing people away into places of isolation, when people are struggling they need someone to embrace them and help them find release from their problems.