Better Life Program

We believe everyone deserves a better life. This program is sponsored by Next Ministries to help you improve your life. This is a one year commitment to yourself to make positive changes in your life right now.

What To Expect

The Better Life Program begins with 6 two-hour sessions over 3 months helping you to:

  1. Set and Achieve Goals.
  2. Develop and Implement Your Plan for a Better Life.
  3. Identify and Overcome Obstacles Preventing Your Better Life.

The Better Life Program ends with 9 months of monthly support sessions to help:

  1. Support you in reaching your goals towards a Better Life.
  2. Provide resources to help you achieve your Better Life.
  3. Create a network of support to walk with you towards your Better Life.


Please choose your site for registration. Currently, the Better Life Program is only available to parents in the Chicago Public Schools. If you are interested in participating in Better Life Program and are not a parent of a student in one of the public schools where the program is offered please call us at 872.221.0040.

John B. Drake Elementary School Registration Click Here