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Hope Again

We are living under a shadow of violence. Gun violence leads the news stories. Carjackings in Chicago pop up on our apps. CTA updates about another attack on public transportation leaves us in fear. No neighborhood feels safe. Then the cost of living makes housing unaffordable in the city. And just when we think things are settling, we wonder why are gas prices rising again. All of these stressors in life can lead to depression and impact our mental health.

All we want to do is put food on the table, live in a safe neighborhood, and not worry about something bad happening to us or our family. We don’t need another explanation. What we need is hope. Hope leads us beyond the problems of today to the solutions of tomorrow. Hope guides us past talking about change to becoming the change we need. Hope overcomes fear and replaces it with a tenacity to make a better future. Hope is the key. It’s time to hope again.

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